When shooting on location, the tricky question is always what to bring.

The question is even more relevant when I stopped using zooms and only use primes.

So there is this little Sony lens, the newly released 85mm f1.8, that I bought for a special occasion, Skyfire 2017, but then it didn’t show up on time, I also fell sick so I could not shoot the event.

From what was planned to be a real field test, I only took the lens out about 10 days after I received it for a shoot. I wanted to see what it can do, so I only packed the Sony a7r Mark II with this 85mm f1.8 and the Olympus Pen-F wit the 75mm f1.8.

Since I am obcessed with shooting with flash, I put an ND filter on the lens (ND-8) to keep the aperture wide open and use the Profit B1 for the whole shoot.

Yes, there is that little Profoto Air remote for Sony allowing high speed sync but I haven’t got one yet so in the mean time, we keep the sync speed at 1/200th second.

The location is a closed road off the Barton Highway.

Talent: Breannan Kopec

MUA: Cat Malak.