Update: I have replaced the Fuji XT1 (v1) with the newly released Xt1 Graphite Silver Edition.

I took it out for a spin in the streets of Melbourne for a night shoot and also to shoot a wedding. More low light / hi-ISO here: https://www.afterraw.com/fuji-xt1-graphite-silver-edition-heart-of-spades/


As long as I can remember, my first Fuji digital camera was the Porsche designed Finepix 4800 then the Finepix 6800. And I loved them.

Fuji Prosche Design 082802Fuji Prosche Design 082756

I always had a look out for new Fuji cameras and although I like the line of the X series, shooting Leica myself, I couldn’t see the need to have them.

When Fuji announced the XT1, I had to chimp in a read the specs.

On the paper, it looks really good, how would it suit me for my work and style of shooting is another story.

So far, I have used this camera on a real life assignments and am waiting for some glasses to be delivered so I can put the thing in use.

Check back often as the Fujinon 56mm f/1.2 is to be delivered anytime next Monday.

Below are some quick iPhone snaps of the object.

NOMAD PHOTOGRAPHY uses Fuji XT1 - 082229 NOMAD PHOTOGRAPHY uses Fuji XT1 - 082403 NOMAD PHOTOGRAPHY uses Fuji XT1 - 083602 NOMAD PHOTOGRAPHY uses Fuji XT1 - 083604 NOMAD PHOTOGRAPHY uses Fuji XT1 - 115906 NOMAD PHOTOGRAPHY uses Fuji XT1 - 115913PS: There is a story with the Olympus OMD-M1 and I’ll tell you more about it in another post.

Also make sure you check out the Les Copines series. They have been shot entirely with the OMD, both EM5 and M1.