Fujit XT1 Graphite silver edition and Sony a7s with Carl Zeiss lenses

A few days after getting my hands on the newly released Fuji XT1 Graphite Silver Edition, at least in Australia, I went on a trip to Melbourne to shoot a wedding.

As some of you may know, I have had a strange relationship with the XT1 (I’ve bought the black version … 3 times).

While it is an excellent camera and no question about the quality of the images coming out of it, I just can not take my marks when using it. May be I am the strange one :o)

AT the same time, I have some Zeiss lenses and XT1 accessories that I have bought over the period.

I always knew that I would buy it again and when I’ve learnt about the Graphite Silver Edition, I rang my local dealer to put one aside.

While I used to be a technical person, when it comes to camera specs, I must admit that I don’t event know what the resolution of the Fuji XT1 is …

It is more about What can you do with a camera rather than what the camera can do for you.

I have always enjoyed the City of Melbourne each time I have the opportunity to come here.

It is very convenient for … camera gear shopping 🙂 and the people are very fashionable.

When there is no need to remind that Melbourne’s architecture is very European alike, it is nice to wander the streets of Melbourne and get close to the people.

Melbourne is even more alive when the sun goes down.

Streets artists are now part of the landscape and there is always “attractions” around each corner. Once in a while, I stumble upon some particularly talented young people.

Last night, on the way back to the hotel from dinner, I wen past a couple of friends playing accordions. They instantly reminded me of Paris and I topped for a listen. I wanted to take a few pictures about their joy of music but decided not to. I put a few gold coins into their cap and gon on my way.

Half a block down the street there was another street artist performance. I slowed down but did not intend to stop. When I walked past them, a few notes of music made me turn around.

I stayed there listen to their music for about 45 minutes. They are the Heart of Spades Band.

I didn’t know that a mix of violin and classical guitar could be this awesome.

When I cam close to their guitar case to drop some gold coins, I notice the cardboard saying that they have sold out of their CD for the day but encourage listeners to take photos and videos and share them to spread their names.

On the Fuji XT1 I had the Carl Zeiss ZM 50mm f/1.5 Sonnar. No idea what it means when mounted ont he crop sensor of the XT1, but I don’t really care. All it matters is what I could do with this combo. It was the only lens I put on when I left the hotel room.

I put the camera on M mode and the settings are:

1/125 second | f/1.5 & auto ISO.

The images come out with ISO ranging from 1600 to 6400. Click to enlarge.

NOMAD-PHOTOGRAPHY-XT1-Graphite--220610 afterRAW shoots the streets of Melbourne with a Fuji XT1 Graphite Silver Edition NOMAD-PHOTOGRAPHY-XT1-Graphite--223049 NOMAD-PHOTOGRAPHY-XT1-Graphite--223043 NOMAD-PHOTOGRAPHY-XT1-Graphite--222910 NOMAD-PHOTOGRAPHY-XT1-Graphite--222828 NOMAD-PHOTOGRAPHY-XT1-Graphite--222812 NOMAD-PHOTOGRAPHY-XT1-Graphite--222707 NOMAD-PHOTOGRAPHY-XT1-Graphite--222644 NOMAD-PHOTOGRAPHY-XT1-Graphite--222630 NOMAD-PHOTOGRAPHY-XT1-Graphite--222616 NOMAD-PHOTOGRAPHY-XT1-Graphite--222539 NOMAD-PHOTOGRAPHY-XT1-Graphite--222529 NOMAD-PHOTOGRAPHY-XT1-Graphite--222509 NOMAD-PHOTOGRAPHY-XT1-Graphite--222500 NOMAD-PHOTOGRAPHY-XT1-Graphite--222458 NOMAD-PHOTOGRAPHY-XT1-Graphite--221709 NOMAD-PHOTOGRAPHY-XT1-Graphite--221706 NOMAD-PHOTOGRAPHY-XT1-Graphite--220851


I took a couple of videos with XT1 and will be putting them up soon.

You can find out more about Heart of Spades on their Facebook page.