Da Nang is one of the major port cities in Vietnam, and has become one of the most exclusive locations and a hotspot in the tourism industry.

Situated at about an hour flight from Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) and is definitely worth the trip if you ever have a chance to visit VietNam.

During a trip with family and friends, I stopped by the waterfront, on an early morning for a few photos.

Camera: Sony a7r | Lens: Canon EF 90mm f/2.8 TSE (Tilt Shift) via Metabone adapter.

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NOMAD-PHOTOGRAPHY-VietNam-2015-135825 NOMAD-PHOTOGRAPHY-VietNam-2015-135859 NOMAD-PHOTOGRAPHY-VietNam-2015-135915 NOMAD-PHOTOGRAPHY-VietNam-2015-140057 NOMAD-PHOTOGRAPHY-VietNam-2015-140117 NOMAD-PHOTOGRAPHY-VietNam-2015-140245 NOMAD-PHOTOGRAPHY-VietNam-2015-140443 NOMAD-PHOTOGRAPHY-VietNam-2015-140620