There is a saying: “Bigger is better” is sometimes better than “More is better”.

I am thinking bigger sensor, bigger pixel size, and bigger screens are way better than more pixels onto a small sensor..

Sometimes, you come around something that mixes a bit of both worlds.

Relatively “small” sensor, in a small and compact package with lots of tiny pixels and creates massive files. I’m talking about the Sony a7r.

There was times where when I needed pixels and size, I would drag my Hasselblad H4D40 around to take pictures. The files out of the medium format camera is without a doubt “better” than those from a 35mm sensor size camera. But again, before people jump onto me and start shredding me off, I would also say that there is very little, in terms of commercial photography, that one would need a medium format camera to do the job.

In other terms, an digital SLR 35mm camera will be good enough to cover any commercial need. Thanks to software (afterRAW).

Now, then and again, comes along a loner, small dude, nothing really sexy, that blows some 36MP out of the SD card.

When you light it up properly, the file it splits out is alongside with awesomeness. Of course 45% comes from the gorgeous model, 45% come from the make up and hair team, 7% from the lighting and 2% from the photographer.

I have always heard endless stories about “What a great camera.!”

When the stories I’ve heard mentioned about upset photo taking people, this story does happen to me almost on every single photo shoot, including commercial and weddings.

My response to them has always been: “It’s not the camera. It’s you. You;re awesome. Wearing awesome make up and hair, with an awesome outfit composed by an amazing stylist. All I need to do is click click the camera.”.

Guess what? Ten out of ten times, people are more relax, smiling, enjoying more the shoot and I can ask them to do whatever I would like them to do. And they will do it with a smile.

If you are using the latest gear, the most expensive gear, working with the most talented people in the industry. Then you shouldn’t be the one being upset if you don’t get a direct credit.

Smile. Shoot.

The image below is a 100% crop seen on a 4K display.

Talent: Anastasia

MUA: Catherine MALAK | Hair Stylist: Maryana Malak.

Camera: Sony a7r | Lens: Zeiss 55mm f/1.5 | Light: Profoto

Click to enlarge. RAW no edit.

NOMAD PHOTOGRAPHY Sony a7r profoto zeiss